Examples of Break-through results

Heavy Gauge Metal Stamper

        50% reduction of work in process
        Overall Equipment Effectiveness up 10%
        30 - 40% increase in labor productivity

Bathroom Partition Manufacturer

        Throughput time reduced from 14 to 2 days
        Inventory turns increased 100%
        Labor content reduced 15%
Aluminum Jet Boat Manufacturer


        80% reduction of work in process 
        Improved throughput speed of products by 67%
        Reduced throughput time by 85%
Vacuum former: Acrylic lenses for lighting


        Reduced throughput time from 21 to 3 days.
        Increased inventory turns from 12 to 60.
        Reduced labor content by 30%
Commercial Aircraft Seat Manufacturer         6k ft2 floor space saving
        200% productivity gain  
Aircraft Hydraulic Fitting Manufacturer


        15x productivity gain in one week in a cell
        $1MM improvement in cash flow in 30 days
        Sales grew 6x with no incremental operators