Lean Methodology

The assessment methodology used is based on a lean enterprise model.  Lean Thinking is a business model perfected by the Toyota Motor Company.  Toyota had learned about the principle from the writings of Henry Ford and visits to the Ford Motor Company in the early 1930’s.  It is a business model where infinite attention is given to establishing value streams, creating flow, eliminating waste, and adding value.  It’s comprised of management methods that identify waste and work methods to eliminate the waste.  This attention begins with three flows: materials, information and people/process to create a value stream.
Ten X Ventures has built a successful step-by-step transformation process.  Our team’s experience with the lean thinking principles and its implementation allows the target or the client company to borrow our learning curve to produce fast cost savings that reach the bottom line quickly, while improving quality and service to the company’s customers.  When a company fully embraces the lean journey, the following should be the outcomes over 18 months:
1.          Creation of product family groups to improve productivity by 30 to 70%.
2.          Shorten product throughput times by 30 to 70%.
3.          Improve machinery & equipment usage by 50%.
4.          Reduce needed floor space by 25% to 50%.
5.          Reduce quality issues by 60 to 80%.
6.          A very visually controlled workplace.
7.          Develop a culture that uses lean principles to drive continuous improvement.

The frequency and number of kaizen workshops and the resources committed to the continuous improvement effort varies depending on the company’s needs. We fine tune the activities to insure the company’s needs are met and the implementation of the lean thinking initiatives goes smoothly.  
The lean value stream requires leadership at all levels of the organization. It requires everyone to participate and it requires that we discard the word “can’t”.  It takes time to learn to see the waste and to understand methods that seem so counter-intuitive.  We must remind ourselves to replace “can’t” with, “I don’t see how that will work today, but we will find a way.”  This will drive us to put brains before money.  This is the spirit of lean.