The management of TenX Ventures brings many years of experience in strategic leadership, operational excellence and corporate management. TenX Ventures draws on a wide range on individuals (our ‘bench’) to add the appropriate management expertise for each clients or acquisitions.




Yosufi M. Tyebkhan ( )

A founder of TenX Ventures, Yosufi Tyebkhan has had a wide range of general and operations management in many industries, and experience in sourcing, acquiring and running manufacturing firms.  

Prior to founding TenX Ventures in 2004, he was primary shareholder and President of Calvard Inc., through which he acquired and managed Crossman Manufacturing Co., Inc., a $3 million manufacturer of custom acrylic lighting products.  It is while managing Crossman that Yosufi was introduced to the power of lean philosophies in a manufacturing environment.  Through a successful implementation of several key initiatives, the firm reduced its material costs by 25%, increased inventory turns from twelve to sixty, and reduced labor content by 30%.   

Prior to forming Calvard, he was an officer and program manager for Amerigon Inc., a firm formed to take cutting edge aerospace technologies and transfer them into the mass market of the automotive world.  Prior to that, he held various engineering and operations roles at TRW Technar Inc a subsidiary of TRW dedicated to developing and manufacturing airbag crash sensors (the device that interprets crashes and determines if an airbag should be deployed). 

Yosufi is Chairman and CEO of Sparling Instruments, LLC, Chairman and CEO of Hanson Worldwide, LLC and a board member of Performance Design LLC.  He is the sole inventor on US Patent 4,985,604.    Yosufi has a MBA from Harvard Business School and BS in Mechanical Engineering from the California Institute of Technology.











Christopher E. Wood ( )

A founder of TenX Ventures, Christopher Wood brings a wide range of Lean and corporate experience.   For over ten years, Chris has worked with over 35 companies as they have adopted and implemented the lean thinking principles and techniques.  These companies’ product lines are as diverse as financial services, wireless telephone equipment, aircraft body structures, medical devices, computer keyboards and disk drives, kitchen cabinet doors, aluminum & titanium mills and commercial lighting systems. They range in size from small, family owned businesses to multi-national corporations.

Christopher’s hands-on, team building approach and his broad background in new product development, sales and operations translates into tangible, top and bottom-line benefits.  He learned many of his skills while at Donnelly Corporation as a supplier to Honda and worked closely with retired Toyota manufacturing executives.  He specializes in demonstrating how lean techniques can have a dramatic impact on profitability, often in as little time as one week. He has repeatedly demonstrated how existing operations can be reinvented to achieve lower costs in inventory, space, and human resources.

Along with his passion and expertise in Lean principles, Christopher brings over 22 years experience in management, engineering and manufacturing with such companies as Hughes Electronics, Allied Signal, The Boeing Company, and Donnelly Corporation.

Christopher is President and a Board Member of Hanson Worldwide, LLC and a board member of Sparling Instruments, LLC and has a BS in Mechanical Engineering Technology from the Oregon Institute of Technology.